Westmead Parking: HSU members endorse plan of action, Zoom meeting TODAY

On Tuesday last week, more than 100 members from across Westmead Hospital unanimously endorsed to fight the proposal to reintroduce car parking fees and remove access to car parking for those on the wait list.

Health workers at Westmead campus will be slugged with new parking fees from February 2024, at a time when many people are struggling to make ends meet on their current wages.

Tuesday’s meeting endorsed a range of positions that – if accepted by the hospital executive – would help ease the financial burden that this announcement would cause HSU members.

In order to make the hospital executive listen to our demands we need to stand together and show them that a majority of Westmead staff disagree with the car parking announcement.

We never win a fight when we don’t stand together, and this is not a fight any health worker can afford to lose. There is $1500 a year on the line if you have staff parking access and up to $5500 a year on the line if you are on the wait list.

Keep an eye out for further updates as we ramp up the campaign together!

For members who missed Tuesday’s meeting (including HSU members at the Childrens hospital), join us on Zoom on Monday, January 22 at 12pm to keep up to date on the campaign and the next steps.