Win for Storepersons at Concord Hospital

HSU members at Concord Hospital Stores have achieved a massive win this month,

finally seeing a resolution to the issue of extreme heat that they had been experiencing in their area for quite some time.

Staff had originally raised the issue of extreme temperatures and uncomfortable heat at work multiple times, but with no success.

Having suffered extreme temperatures in their area for some time, Store Workers are relieved to see action on the issue.

With the help of a HSU Organiser, two split system air conditioners have now been installed in the affected area and members are extremely happy knowing they can come to work without needing to suffer in extreme heat anymore.

Members will now be able to work in conditions that can handle the summer heat and the summer humidity.

If you have any questions or concerns about the temperature in your work area, start a discussion with your colleagues and contact your HSU organiser.