Wollongong industrial action

Tomorrow health workers across NSW are taking industrial action.  

Health workers know why – it’s time for a pay rise. It’s time to put an end to this Government stealing half of your salary packaging benefits. It’s time for an increase to superannuation. It’s time to fix out of date Awards. 

It’s been two months. But this Government has been silent on pay for health workers.  

Enough is enough. Tomorrow, Wollongong members are taking action. The below are endorsed actions:

  • Ban on discharge cleans
  • No billing (especially MRS, pathology, pharmacy, CLO/CSOs for private health billing) (There is to be no input of incorrect billing codes in ISLHD clinical systems!)
  • Ban on cleaning public areas
  • Bans on menus (default menu) and/or supper
  • Admin bans including diverting phones to management
  • Ban on moving non-ambulant patients without a nurse escort
  • Ban on cleaning any non-clinical area
  • Ban on chasing debtor details of any patient that accesses treatment as inpatients or outpatients in NSW Health facilities
  • Ban on assisting, relieving or working with any non-health workers in any NSW Health facility
  • Ban on delivering general stores to wards across NSW Health facilities.

If you encounter any issues, please contact HSU Organiser Jake Conley on 0437 132 558.

This Government needs to hear us loud and clear: it’s time for action now.