Workload related industrial action

  • Published May 26, 2022
  • Industries

ADHSU Statewide delegates unanimously endorse a recommendation over the next 2 weeks leading up to the 2022 State budget, member will take actions to deliver safeguards in relation to the extreme workload pressures currently being faced.

These recommended actions will include:

  • No forced pre shift extension of shift OT. If a member is contacted prior to shift to start early, they will claim the disturbance allowance of 1 hour pay under the Award.
  • No forced on call at stations without mandatory on call.
  • No surging of members while undertaking MCPD training, Wellness or other specialist recertification training unless as part of a declared State of Emergency.
  • No members who have worked a full 12-hour, 15-minute shift, have not been able to access their crib entitlements and have made control aware of possible fatigue issues, will be forced to undertake extension of shift OT beyond 60 minutes unless by mutual agreement. Any request for extension of shift can be respectfully declined.

ADHSU members can also continue to participate in any other endorsed industrial action as the need arises.