WSLHD Oral Health: Dental Assistants Collective Regrade

  • Published November 28, 2022

The HSU has been in discussions with the WSLHD Oral Health Executive regarding the grading of Dental Assistants. Many dental assistants are currently misclassified and hold qualifications which the district refuses to recognise.

Some members are already aware that the regrade progress has stalled. As such, the Union has put together the below survey to ensure that we capture all current Dental Assistants who have higher qualifications than they are currently being paid for.

Click here for the survey.

Even if you have previously submitted your certificates and other evidence to the Union, please take 2 minutes to fill in the above survey so that we can be sure we have not missed anyone.

The survey will run until COB 9/12/22. It’s important to share the survey with your colleagues and encourage them to join the Union as part of this campaign for proper recognition and pay.

New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.