Your legal protections while taking industrial action

  • Published April 12, 2022
  • Industries

As you know, NSW paramedics are still the lowest paid in the country and that won’t change unless government provides a significant increase this year (at least 5%).

The action voted on in Thursday’s stop work meeting continues.

New members should know that in NSW, industrial action isn’t automatically illegal like it is in the Federal IR system.

If you are a financial member of ADHSU and the union has authorised* the industrial action, you are legally protected while you are participating in that action. This includes protection against the employer taking disciplinary or other forms of action against you.

If non-members want to participate, understand they are not afforded the same legal protection as union members and are leaving themselves open to ramifications from the employer.

If non-members are interested in participating, approach them and ask them to join ADHSU by following this link or scanning the QR code at the bottom of the page.

In line with the current campaign, some areas of NSWA are being asked if they are participating in the industrial action. ADHSU’s response will always be ‘We are loud and proud members of HSU and will be participating in the action’.

If you are an ADHSU Superintendent you are also protected by the union. Please do not undertake any activity that may lead to union members being adversely impacted while undertaking authorised industrial action.

Link to current bans here.

*It’s deemed authorised if the action is decided by a properly constituted union meeting such as a stop work meeting.