You've got mail! Southern IML Update

Recently, you all received a letter in the post from Dr Lawrie Bott. I have since written to Dr Bott to correct the record and hoping that the relationship can be improved. I cleared a few things up, namely: 

  • Dr Lawrie Bott’s advice concerning the service provider contradicts our own. We have asked Dr Lawrie Bott to show the HSU the advice he has received from the NSW Police which contradicts my understanding. 
  • SafeWork has confirmed with the company and the HSU that they are of the opinion that Southern IML’s current solution of allowing the service provider in question to drive for them but not enter workplaces is good enough. The HSU does not agree with this opinion
  • The HSU thinks you are all worth more than the bare minimum. The HSU believes that Southern IML should take a principled stand against this kind of behaviour. Southern IML can do more and they should do more. 

In addition to this: 

  • The HSU believes that frontline health workers during a global pandemic deserve more than a ‘very generous’ bag with hand sanitiser, face masks and snacks. Members at Southern IML deserve both a higher rate of pay and to be treated with respect, and the HSU will continue to fight for both.  
  • Finally, you all have a legal right to seek industrial representation from the union. With this in mind, if you have any concerns about a matter relating to your employment, you can and should raise them directly the Health Services Union. 

Southern IML staff have a right to raise and discuss issues pertaining to their work health and safety. We encourage you to continue you do so despite Dr Bott’s suggestion. 

The HSU would very much like to leave this episode behind us and get on with the work we love – working with you to improve your rights and conditions at work.