A message from the Secretary

  • Published June 15, 2022
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This is our time.

That’s the message I want all HSU members to pass on to their colleagues.

The last couple of years have been incredibly difficult. We’ve endured fires, floods and a worldwide pandemic. On top of it all, we’ve seen shameful behaviour from the governments who relied on HSU members to guide us through the hardest times.

While cost of living soars, state and federal governments have abandoned frontline ambulance, health, aged care and disability workers. They’ve talked up the immensely hard work that HSU members have done throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but when the time came to recognise that work with reasonable pay increases, they turned their backs.

Well, we’re not taking it.

There’s a rumble in the air as HSU members get active across all divisions of the Union. We’re stepping up the pace to make sure members get what they deserve, not what governments think they can get away with.

On 7 April this year, thousands of health workers walked off their job to vent their frustrations with the NSW Government. Members are demanding an immediate 5.5% pay rise, as well as a complete renovation of the award to recognise the jobs we are doing in 2022 – not 1982.

Ambulance members are united in their calls for professional pay to match the professional work that they do, as well as major boosts to the workforce to keep up with a growing population. Members have proudly stood together in taking action to show they are serious, and I’m happy to say we are making significant progress in discussions with the government.

Meanwhile, members in aged care are pushing for major structural change to rescue the industry and ensure fairness and dignity for both workers and residents. Hearings for the HSU’s historic Work Value Case in the Fair Work Commission have officially started. We are pushing for a 25% pay increase across the board.

I couldn’t be prouder of members making their mark for justice and fairness. This year’s HSU Conference, Success Through Adversity, is all about the incredible achievements made by HSU members despite severe conditions. But right now, the planets are aligning. We won’t have the opportunity to capitalise on the gains we’ve made for much longer.

If you know someone who hasn’t yet joined the HSU, or who is a member but doesn’t want to get involved, encourage them to take a chance today. The HSU is making huge strides forward, but you won’t be able to sit on the sidelines. Let’s make it happen.