HSU continues fight for Hospital Scientists

  • Published June 15, 2022

The HSU continues to attempt to engage with NSW Health Pathology and the Ministry of Health on their applications to make changes to Hospital Scientist Awards. Despite these repeated attempts at genuine engagement, NSWHP remains reluctant to engage in detailed and in-depth discussions about the Awards.

The Hospital Scientist Industrial Committee, made up of HSU Hospital Scientist members, has identified the key issues. We have met with NSWHP executive management to raise these issues, including:

  • Failure to consult with the HSU in amending the awards
  • Forming a fixed view prior to consultation commencing
  • Too much discretion afforded to NSWHP in relation to qualifications and laboratory complexity
  • Changes to the qualification requirements of Principal Hospital Scientists and Hospital Scientists
  • Creation of a two-stream system for Hospital Scientists
  • Implementing professional qualification requirements through an award variation application
  • Incorrect assessment of the pay rate equivalencies
  • Multiple positions will be worse off in respect of pay
  • Reduction in the number and proportion of Hospital Scientists in pathology laboratories

The HSU will work to ensure Hospital Scientists’ pay and conditions are protected now and into the future. Hospital Scientists and their colleagues in NSW Health Pathology are vital to the health system and have been completely indispensable for our state’s covid response. It’s deeply disappointing that NSWHP and the Ministry of Health should choose this moment to chip away at awards.

We need employers to acknowledge the incredible work pathology staff have done and continue to do, not undermine them. Let’s keep up the fight!