Against All Odds

  • Published January 18, 2022
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The last 18 months have been a rollercoaster ride for health workers, with wave upon wave of COVID-19 forcing lockdowns and swamping hospitals. It’s been a sobering time, as we process the impacts on our families and communities.

But through it all, workloads have remained stubbornly high. Health workers have needed all the support they can get.

Some of that support came from an unexpected source, as the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs stepped in to offer a friendly helping hand. The ‘Thank You Healthcare Workers’ campaign was a welcome message of appreciation in a time when hope seemed hard to come by.

Unfortunately, South-West Sydney was particularly hard hit by the virus this year. This wasn’t lost on the Bulldogs, whose connection to the community remains strong.

It’s not often that a sporting team shows such a strong, self-motivated message of thanks – all the more reason to celebrate this recognition. Without prompting, the decision to embark on this campaign was entirely undertaken by the club alone.

By showcasing their appreciation for health workers on their sleeves, the Bulldogs echoed the sentiments of the whole community. Thanks to the untiring efforts of health workers, an incalculable number of lives have been saved, making sure our loved ones remain by our side. The rest of the community breathed easier knowing that courageous HSU members were looking after them.

The HSU applauds this much-needed recognition for health workers. We look forward to working with the Bulldogs to highlight the importance of the work you do – now and into the future.