Passing with flying colours

  • Published January 18, 2022

It’s been a rough two years for HSU members. Living through the biggest health crisis in a century is hard enough – but working through it is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do.

Our community might not always know it, but health, aged care and disability workers have been working incredibly hard to keep them safe, often in extremely difficult circumstances.

Nothing can prepare you for working on the frontline during a pandemic. Despite long hours, short staffing and serious concerns for safety, HSU members kept working day after day to protect others from the virus. People throughout the country are alive because of your efforts. There can be no greater recognition.

Being a frontline worker doesn’t mean your workplace rights don’t apply – in fact, they’re more important than ever before. Essential workers need to be able to rely on their Union. Throughout it all, HSU members have stood shoulder to shoulder, keeping a vigil against unfair and unsafe behaviour. Your Union representatives have followed up on countless reports, making sure that PPE was in plentiful supply, members were consulted about changes in the workplace, and weren’t exposed to unsafe conditions.

There have been plenty of extra unanticipated challenges to overcome, such as vaccine mandates, the single site program in aged care, and the extra onus on members living in LGAs of concern. Members have overcome every one of these hurdles with flying colours.

Now, as the cases have mercifully dwindled and most people are vaccinated against COVID-19, we can once again set our sights on the next challenge.

2022 will be a watershed year for HSU members. Members’ hard work on long campaigns will pay off, and we’ll finally get to taste the fruit of our labours. The Federal Election will be held to decide who is fit to govern our country, and HSU members will have a lot to say about it.

We’ll also gather together for our long-anticipated HSU Delegates Conference and plan for the year to come.

It’s been a tough slog, but if anything the experience of the last two years will prepare us for the fights ahead.

Nothing was ever achieved by sitting still. HSU members have proven themselves equal to a global pandemic, now it’s time to take on the struggle to improve wages and conditions into the future.