HSU teams up to tackle NSW housing affordability crisis

  • Published December 18, 2023

Everyone knows we’re facing a housing crisis –  and no one is feeling it more than frontline healthcare workers who can’t afford to live anywhere near the hospitals or facilities they work at.

That’s why the HSU is teaming with planning experts and activists to tackle the affordability crisis in New South Wales as part of the Housing Now Group, which published a manifesto of seven demands to tackle the issue by building more than 375,000 homes over five years in September.

HSU Secretary Gerard Hayes said it was inconceivable health care workers were commuting hours to get to work because they couldn’t afford to live near the hospital they worked at.

“This is as much a health crisis as it’s a housing crisis,” he said.

The alliance has called on the NSW government to clear the planning backlog and prioritise land re-zonings near transport corridors to boost affordable housing.