Assistant Secretary report

  • Published March 9, 2021

This issue, I’m very proud to bring you an update on the work being done by our Indigenous Development Committee. Our union is committed to supporting the work being done by local Indigenous community groups and organisations to enhance the health and wellbeing of their communities.

That’s why, in mid-2020, the HSU Union Committee endorsed the formation of this committee. We received over 30 applications for the 6 current positions on the committee. I have to say, I’ve rarely had the pleasure of working with such dedicated and professional people. I thank each one of you for your extraordinary commitment.

The next task we faced was not an easy one: to determine which of the 35 applications to the Indigenous Development Fund were most worthy of the support we had to give. The criteria that was set for each project was quite rigorous. Of the initial applications, 12 were approved by the Committee. Congratulations to the successful applicants! You can view a list of the approved projects, along with the beautiful faces of our committee members, on pages 26 - 27.

Being involved in an initiative like this, to me, is what unionism is all about. We support and elevate each other when we can, because we know that we are better off together.