March to Martin Place

  • Published June 15, 2022

“Paramedics, united! We’ll never be defeated!”

The chants became louder and louder, as over 50 members moved into Martin Place in a sea of blue and white. Signs were lifted, flags were waved, and the crowd continued to chant.

ADHSU Paramedic members held a snap rally on a sunny Wednesday morning in early July, gathering in Martin Place just outside the Premier’s office, demanding professional recognition and rates of pay. HSU Secretary Gerard Hayes addressed members:

“Those promises of professional recognition, were made to you. You are not ambulance drivers… and yet they seek to pay you as such.”

The crowd responded in kind: “Shame!”

In the days prior, paramedics joined their fellow members and delegates at the HSU Delegates Conference. Across the three days of presentation and planning within divisions, it was clear there was plenty of unfinished business. NSW paramedics remain the lowest paid across the country, and members have been campaigning for months for professional recognition and parity of pay to their colleagues out of state. It’s time for the Government to answer the call; members took action in recent months through chalking stop work meetings, and wearing the ADHSU Priority 1 shield patch on their uniforms.

Delegate and paramedic Tess Oxley roared to members, and members chanted back:

“Are we union? YES!”

“Are we going to go away?” “NO!”

“Who are we?” “HSU!”