A message from the Secretary

Welcome back again as we look back on recent activity in our Union. And what a lot of it we’ve seen!

It’s been an astonishing few months, and a testament to willpower and solidarity of HSU members.

Members in the Ambulance and Aged Care divisions are celebrating colossal wins that will continue to resound for a very long time. Make no mistake: these members have struck a blow that will transform not only workplaces, but the fabric of our nation. And doesn’t it feel good!

The HSU has proven itself as second to none as a strong campaigning union, willing to stand up for the underpaid and downtrodden in our society. And none of it could have happened without the grit and determination of members standing shoulder to shoulder.

There were some nail-biting moments: paramedics put their professional recognition on the line as they faced down the NSW Government in the fight to keep highly skilled workers in this state where they belong. And despite the jubilation at the Fair Work Commission’s decision on our historic Aged Care Work Value Case, it’s clear that we still have a lot of work to do in emphasising the importance of non-direct care roles in the sector.

We remain committed to this.

Putting aside the (very justified) celebrations for a moment, let’s fix our sights on the future.

NSW Public Health members are currently engaged in an immensely important negotiations process to lock in a pay deal for the next three years. Obviously, there are a lot of moving parts in a process of this kind, but happily many members have engaged very strongly and put their ideas forward. We shall soon be expecting an offer from the government and will put this to the membership to determine what our response should be.

I’ve also been in discussion with the NSW Government about proposed industrial manslaughter laws. For too long, negligent employers have faced few consequences for flouting safety, leaving workers to pay the ultimate price. We’re not going to allow this to happen any longer.

The Private Health space is currently a hive of activity, with very many enterprise agreement negotiations in play. I encourage any member to get involved with this process, as we’ve shown that a strong engaged membership always gets results.

Lastly, the HSU Delegates Conference is fast approaching. In July, delegates from the whole length and breadth of the HSU will come together to discuss issues of importance and plan for the future.

It’s a very exciting date and I can’t wait to see the contributions this time around.