Public Hospital workers stand strong against parking fee hike

The 29th of February wasn’t just another day on the calendar this year- it marked a significant moment for public health workers across Sydney, Wollongong, and Newcastle. Members of the HSU rallied together, united in their opposition to the government’s recent decision to hike parking fees.

Members are calling this out for what it is: a cash grab that exacerbates the financial strain on frontline healthcare workers.

The sharp increase in parking costs, doubling in some cases, has sent a clear message.  At Westmead Hospital, HSU members demonstrated remarkable unity and determination. Delegates like Courtney and Raj stood with Assistant Secretary Lauren Hutchins, rallying their colleagues and inspiring others to join the cause.

While there have been slight concessions - such as additional spaces for weekly permit holders in some LHDs - members are still feeling the pinch of the increased parking rates.

Going forward, members are focusing on planning the next steps in this ongoing campaign. An update meeting has been scheduled where members have gathered to strategise and work out our next move. These meetings have been a call to action for all public health workers to stand together and make their voices heard in the face of this greedy government cash grab.

Stay tuned for more updates as the fight continues!