Guide to handing out a petition


The community needs to know that their paramedics are the lowest paid in the country. When ADHSU members get the voters of New South Wales on side, the politicians holding the purse strings will listen.

ADHSU members can get community support through a petition. This has worked in the past with the Death and Disability Campaign. Once a petition has 10,000 signatures it can be tabled for discussion in NSW Parliament.

Any member, activist or delegate can do this, but where to start? To help, we’ve put together a rough outline and talking points to help you get started. 😊


  1. Get a team together. See who else at your station wants to get together (if they’re not a member, get them to sign up!)
  2. Choose a time and location. Where are there lots of supportive people in your area? Train stations, shopping centres, markets, local sports matches, etc.
  3. Set your goals! Decide together how much time you can commit and how many signatures you are aiming for.
  4. Roleplay. If you’re feeling nervous, start at home with a friend or family member and practice approaching them, do a fun little roleplay.
  5. Collect your materials. Print the petition, get some clipboards and pens, and pack some water (and snacks!).
  6. Hit the streets. Pop on your uniform, get out there, talk to your community and get a whole heap of signatures! 😊
  7. Mail your completed petitions to Ambulance Division, c/o Locked Bag 3, Australia Square, Sydney NSW 1215. Keep record of the cost of postage and printing, the union will reimburse you.

With hundreds of ADHSU activists and delegates talking to their community we will submit 10,000 signatures to NSW Parliament soon.

Then we can hold Dominic Perrottet accountable for his government’s gaslighting of Paramedics.


  • Paramedic Activist 💪: Hi, how are you going? (Paramedics do this all the time, you know how to make people feel at ease!)
  • Community Member 👩‍⚕️: I’m good, I’m just [an excuse to get away, probably]
  • Paramedic Activist 💪: All good. I’m a paramedic in your local area and just need one minute of your time. I’m just wondering do you believe our community should have access to life saving healthcare as soon as they need it?
  • Community Member 👩‍⚕️: Yes…
  • Paramedic Activist 💪: We do too! Unfortunately, paramedics in NSW are the lowest paid and highest injured in the country, and this is hurting the whole health system. Will you help us change this?
  • Community Member 👩‍⚕️: Of course!
  • Paramedic Activist 💪: Great. Just sign here. This is a petition to NSW Parliament calling on them to properly value NSW Paramedics.

Here are some more detailed talking points that you might want to tailor for your circumstances, or if you get asked questions from members of the public.

  • The community needs an ambulance service with skilled and compassionate Paramedics.
  • Paramedics need to be recognised as qualified paramedical clinicians by the New South Wales government.
  • Pay has stagnated while paramedics’ scope of practice has been increasing steadily since 2000. Every time there is an opportunity for paramedics to learn a new life saving skill, they take it up, constantly adding new skills to their practice, as professionals should.
  • Paramedics have continued to serve the public during the pandemic, putting themselves at risk every day. But the NSW Government has not recognised this sacrifice.
  • The NSW health system is under extreme stress with Paramedics working shifts of 12-14 hours a day – without breaks.
  • Every day Paramedics put patients first. The community knows this. Now the NSW Government need to recognise and respect the work of paramedics.

Any questions? Get in contact with your local delegates or email [E-Mail not displayed].