The New Numbers - Pay Scale from 1 Jul 2023

The new Paramedic Award and Non-Clinical CCO Award have now been made by the IRC as of Thursday 21/12/23.

New Paramedic Award

New Non-Clinical CCO Award

Please note that not every allowance or payment is reflected on this page. Refer to the full Award for these.

Transition table

Table 1B - Clinical Staff Wages from 1 January 2024

Movements between all increments within a band of a classification level apply automatically after 12 months. Except employees employed in the position of Advanced Life Support do not automatically progress past Clinical Level 2, Band 1, Increment 1.

There is no automatic progression between clinical levels or bands.

Table 1C – Management Staff Wages

Table 2A - Management Allowances

Table 2B - Paramedic Allowances

Table 2C - Paramedic Control Centre Staff Allowances