ADHSU's Stop Work Meeting

  • Published May 20, 2021
  • Industries


ADHSU Ambulance members have decided enough is enough and have overwhelmingly endorsed to take unprecedented industrial action.

Members from across the State have endorsed the following resolution:

This meeting of ADHSU members resolves to take the following action: starting in two weeks, no ADHSU member will respond to any job below a 1C, nor participate in access block activities (however described). We will consider further industrial responses if necessary.

Members will be aware that the previous yearly review of wages under the Government policy would see wages growth of 2.5% paid on the first fortnight after 1st July. The NSW Treasurer last year tried to implement 0% but the IRC Awarded 0.3% and the Treasurer has decreed that this year Paramedics would only receive 1.5% but would need to pay for their own Superannuation Increase of 0.5% which effectively means they would receive 1.04%. This is at a time, whilst the Treasurer is crying poor, that some people in his portfolio are receiving above Salary Band wages and yearly bonuses of over $40K.

It is important to note that this is a short-term goal to right the wrongs of the undeserved pay freeze. This is separate to (and definitely not instead of) our long-term goal of fighting for Professional Wages by abolishing the wages policy and fighting for a pay rise of 35-45%. In the meantime though, we can’t let the Government get away with 0% pay offers that effectively mean wages will go backwards for years to come.

Even more importantly, it was clear in the meeting going forward there would be No Trade Offs in pursuing the immediate 6% wage claim.

Congratulations to every member who attended the stop work meeting today and began the first step towards fighting back against the Government’s theft of our wages.

More details of major action to come.

In unity,

Gerard Hayes
Secretary, HSU NSW/ACT/QLD