Congratulations On Today's Strike

  • Published May 20, 2021
  • Industries


Today’s strike is clearly having an effect as the Ministry were very quick to seek the services of the Industrial Relations Commission seeking an order.
The IRC issued orders against the industrial action. Here’s a link to the orders:
The orders continue from now until the end of the financial year so that means tomorrow’s rolling bans must cease. That is, work should continue as normal from this point on. In theory if you read this at home and you are rostered on tonight you should go into work. However that should only occur if its safe to do so (you may have had a couple drinks in celebration of standing up to the Treasurer which renders you unable to present yourself ready for work in a safe manner).
To recap, we now have orders against the industrial action (however we are seeking legal advice with a view to appeal the orders), no more industrial action should occur while the orders remain in place – from now until the end of the financial year (July 30).
We’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate the amazing PTO delegate group and all members for taking a stand today. We will convene a meeting with the PTO delegate group in the near future to discuss next steps.
In closing, we are disappointed that the IRC takes a view that it is there to protect the interests of the employer’s operations and the cost of removing workers right to combine and take collective action. Again, we are considering an appeal against this order. We are also going to talk to the broader membership about this strike, the order, and the best way to continue to fight on the ground to ensure health workers receive fair reward for the continued hard work delivered day in day out.
We will not accept austerity, that is the Treasurer supressing the pay of health workers, health workers who have courageously fort hard to keep the whole Australian community as safe as possible from COVID (including those working senior government executives and those working at the IRC), for our members. This battle has just begun.
Once again, well done for taking a stand today.

In unity, 

Gerard Hayes,

Secretary HSU, NSW/ACT/QLD