All ADHSU member stop work meeting: 0700 Thursday 20 May

  • Published May 14, 2021
  • Industries


Well done to all the paramedics, control centre officers, inspectors, superintendents, chief superintendents, health service managers and other ADHSU members in Ambulance for responding to our recent survey on our response to Mr Perrottet’s insulting pay offer this year and last.

To recap, the current legal maximum that is payable to NSW Public Servants is 2.5% per year (can only achieve more with trade-offs).

However, last year the Treasurer, Mr Perrottet, took advantage of the industrial lull that was forced on health workers due to the virus and offered 0%. The NSW union movement took the battle to the courts with teams of lawyers and economists facing off against Mr Perrottet’s overpaid Treasury officials and only have .3% (and a small cash bonus in some cases) to show for it. There are some unions calling this a win. ADHSU is not.

This year, Mr Perrottet is offering 1.5% minus the upcoming .5% increase to the federal superannuation guarantee (for those not in schemes such as SASS) – meaning he is offering 1.04%. The offer is made on the basis that it is ‘by consent’, and that there must be a legally enforceable no extra claims clause. Only one per cent of the respondents to our survey elected to accept the offer.

We need to get together as unionists to decide what we should do about it. The legal avenue has been exhausted (including a supreme court appeal). Mr Perrottet is happy to pay iCare executives near-corrupt amounts of money. If he can pay them $400k bonuses, he can pay health workers the minimum of 2.5% for last year (with back pay), and the full 2.5% this coming year. 

All members are called to a stop work meeting via zoom at 0700 next Thursday 20 May. If you are on duty and in an operational role, you should attend and participate unless you are on the following jobs: 1A, 1B, 1C, or 2I. All other jobs will have to wait until after you have had an opportunity to have a say in the stop work. Note that it’s open to the employer to dock your pay for the time spent in the stop work meeting.

The stop work meeting will consider all options, including what to claim (legal maximum is 4.7% but we can go for more if we are strong enough).

Full strike action will be considered, as will any other form of action. The stop work meeting is your opportunity to be heard – make sure you attend.

Here’s the decision on pay recently handed down for the Paramedic and Control Centre award.