HealthShare PTO Vote on Industrial Action to ensure all PTOs receive the same pay rise

  • Published May 14, 2021
  • Industries

As PTOs know, last year the IRC awarded a pay rise of 0.3% for all NSW public service awards except those on the Paramedic and Control Centre Officer Award (PCCO) and the police award.  These were heard separately to the rest of the awards.

By now, all ex-LHD and HealthShare PTOs should have been paid their 0.3%. Ex-Greenfleet PTOs were tied to the PCCO award (because of a weird quirk from the merge) and so unfortunately had to wait until that decision was finalised.

The decision for the PCCO award was given last week, with the IRC awarding the same 0.3% pay rise as well as a cash bonus of up to $1000. While this still isn’t a fair pay rise, it does now pose an issue in which some PTOs will get the $1000 bonus and some will not.

We have asked HealthShare if they plan to immediately fix this problem and pay all of their PTOs the same pay rise. They said no.

HSU PTOs have a long history of standing together to ensure that everyone is equal and paid fairly. Unionists should never allow one group of workers to be worse off than their fellow members doing the same job.

HSU PTO delegates met today about this issue and have endorsed taking action to fight to get every PTO the same pay rise.

The action proposed is a ban on hospital discharges between 1200 and 1700 Monday-Thursday.

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