All of NSW now declared a Commonwealth Hotspot

Over the weekend, the Chief Medical Officer has declared all of New South Wales a hotspot. This means that all NSW aged care facilities are able to access Commonwealth funding to support workers to limit their work to a single aged care workplace. For those new areas this will be in place until at least 28 August.

The Single Site Program is a voluntary scheme to support workers and employers in these areas to work at one aged care facility and not be financially worse off.

A factsheet about how this works can be viewed at this link.

You can also access more detailed information about how it works here:

And if you have any COVID related questions members can call the National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.

Our number one priority is making sure you and your colleagues are safe and supported. If you have any questions about the Single Site Program or any other matter, please contact your local HSU Organiser or Delegate, our HSU Member Services Division on 1300 478 679, or email [E-Mail not displayed].