Anglicare Update: Back to the Fair Work Commission tomorrow

The Health Services Union has now received further correspondence from Anglicare regarding the dispute to changing your hours of work.

Last week, Anglicare agreed to write to all employees who were impacted by management’s decision to reduce hours of work. This letter was supposed to inform you that you have the right to refuse any reduction to your hours and that you will be able to be consulted.

The HSU also asked that any employee who had felt forced into signing away their hours must have these hours reinstated and repaid.

Anglicare has now responded, again denying that any employee has been forced into giving up hours. Instead, Anglicare claims that all employees who have been contacted have reconfirmed their agreement to reduce their hours.

The HSU supports the rights of members to genuinely agree to vary your contracts. However, if you have not genuinely agreed, Anglicare cannot just cut your hours.

The HSU and Anglicare will be back in front of the Fair Work Commission this Wednesday. To give the Fair Work Commission the full picture, the HSU is asking members if:

  1. You’ve received a new letter explaining your right to refuse any reduction to your contracted hours?
  2. You feel that you have been pushed or coerced into agreeing to reduce your hours when you don’t want to?
  3. You’ve agree to reduce your hours, but would now like to change your mind?

Members can email [E-Mail not displayed] with any updates from your workplace.

If you know someone who isn’t a member, let them know what’s happening and what HSU members are doing to support each other. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.