Are You Getting Meal Allowance at St Basil's?

Members at St Basil’s Randwick have raised concerns about ‘meal allowances’, advising that they did not receive an adequate meal or an allowance when they have worked a double shift.

A meal allowance is your entitlement as set out in the Aged Care Award (operative from July 2023) and in the ST BASIL’S HOMES ENTERPRISE AGEEEMENT 2013.

According to clause. 21.7 of your current Enterprise Agreement, if you are “required to work overtime for more than two hours and such over goes beyond 6am, 1pm, and 6pm”, your employer either provide you with an adequate meal or pay you. Please see below for the part of Table 2 in Schedule B in your EA for the current allowance rates.

If you think you haven’t been provided with what you are entitled, contact your local Organiser Hyojung on 0458 012 322.

We are currently bargaining with St Basil’s Aged Care to improve wages and conditions. If you know a workmate who is not a member, encourage them to join today. We are stronger when we stand together. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.