Australian Unity: Your enterprise agreement is going to a vote!

Dear member,

Your enterprise agreement is going out for a vote.

Shortly your employer will be asking all staff to vote on a new enterprise agreement.

Your enterprise agreement contains your wages and conditions at work, so it’s important everyone understands how the agreement will affect them and has a say in the vote.

The enterprise agreement will only be accepted if a majority of people who cast a vote, vote ‘yes’. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide if this agreement is good enough.

Australian Unity has now agreed to important changes in your proposed enterprise agreement to ensure your pay rates conditions are protected, including:

  • 3.5 per cent per annum wage increase for the majority of employees, and wages to stay a minimum of 3 per cent above the award rate at all times.
  • Personal leave increases based on years of service.
  • Parental leave increased to 14 weeks paid leave with no distinction between primary or secondary carer.

Next Steps

Voting will open on 12:00am Tuesday 9 April and close 11:59pm Thursday 11 December.

Before voting opens, your employer must share a copy of the proposed agreement with you and provide details on all the proposed changes.

Please review this information carefully and if you have any questions, get in contact with your local organiser or email [E-Mail not displayed]. Further information about the proposal will be sent to members next week help understand what is on offer.

You can find a copy of your proposed enterprise agreement HERE.

If you have any questions about your proposed enterprise agreement, please contact the HSU for assistance.

Encourage your workmates to join the HSU. Together you have strength in your workplace. New members can join online at or call 1300 478 679.