Award Reform Committees meet tomorrow!

Today, HSU PTO delegates met with HealthShare management to share two important updates. First, delegates shared that 92% of respondents to the HSU vote had no confidence in HealthShare’s ability to safely and fairly run PTS – this has been reflected in the process of roster reform so far. Second, they shared that HSU members intend to commence the award reform process.

There was some confusion from HealthShare about how award reform would affect rosters, this is to be expected, after all, HealthShare PTOs (and the rest of the public sector) have not seriously pursued major award changes since before the implementation of the 2.5% wages cap in 2011. HSU members in PTS are entering new territory.

With HealthShare put on notice about the membership’s intentions, it’s time for members to turn to the important work of coming up with a log of claims – specifically what roster principles to enshrine in the award. Delegates have been working hard to put together local committees for roster reform, these local committees will meet tomorrow on zoom to share members’ ideas and start to solidify a succinct list for the membership base to vote on. It is essential all PTO members have their say on the future of their award, ensure you’ve shared any ideas for what you’d like to see in the HealthShare NSW Patient Transport Officers' (State) Award, and step up to be on your local committee if taking charge of your award is important to you.

All local committees meet tomorrow to share initial ideas at 1100.