SJOG Richmond & Burwood: It’s time to endorse our claims for bargaining!

Since January, members have been filling out our survey about what claims to bring to the bargaining table. The results show support for, among other items:

  • 6.5% annual increases to wages and allowances.
  • Superannuation contribution to increase by at least 1% above the super guarantee throughout the life of the new agreement.
  • All time-off-in-lieu to accrue at the applicable overtime rate instead of the ordinary rate.
  • Review of selected classifications and career progression structures – dependent on further input from HSU members.

To view a full version of our claims, click here for a PDF copy.  

The next step is to figure out whether the membership collectively endorses this log of claims. Please fill out the Log of Claims Endorsement Survey by Wednesday 13th March at this link:

The point of this survey is to assess how much support the claims, as a whole, have among HSU members. If there is sufficient support, then the HSU bargaining team can announce that we have collective endorsement of our claims for bargaining, and we can then seek full responses to them from St John of God.

A union is power in numbers. Your colleagues can join the HSU at or call 1300 478 679.