Bans on multiloading still in place

  • Published March 9, 2021
  • Industries

Bans on Multiloading have been in place for years now and have never been lifted. It is frustrating that HealthShare continually ignores its workers and their concerns for both patient and PTO safety by trying to force members to multiload every couple of months.

As a reminder, bans are not lifted until members vote to lift them. Full bans on multiloading remain in place.

If you are asked to multiload:

  1. Politely say that you are an HSU member and are adhering to industrial bans.
  2. If you are pushed or coerced by your manager to multiload, stick to your guns and tell them to contact the union office.
  3. Any member who is threatened with disciplinary action for adhering to bans should get in contact with their local delegate or the union office immediately. They will be supported fully by the HSU. If this happens, we will consider any further action necessary to rectify the issue – including full stop work meetings. 

To keep these bans strong, it is important that as many members as possible are following the bans. Then, if any worker is stood down for adhering to bans, all workers participating in bans will stand down too.

If an entire workforce standing down is what it takes for HealthShare to realise multiloading is unsafe and undignified, then so be it. Enough is enough.

Be proud of standing united for patient welfare and dignity, as well as supporting your colleagues in the workplace.