BREAKING: Fair Work Commission declares 15% interim pay increase for aged care workers

Special HSU Members Meeting to discuss Work Value Case Decision – MONDAY 7 NOV @ 1PM & 6PM – See details below

This afternoon the Fair Work Commission declared a 15% interim pay increase for aged care and home care workers in direct care roles. The Commission also scheduled further hearings to consider more evidence about additional increases for direct care roles, and about pay increases for other classifications.

This decision comes after years of campaigning by HSU members and gives some hope that change is coming – but it doesn’t go far enough.

While we welcome the 15% increase for direct care roles, HSU members know that larger and broader increase are needed across the industry, in order to stem the staffing and wage crisis in aged care.

We will not rest until we get decent wages for all aged care workers.

We understand that this decision will apply to all direct care workers, but the Commission has not yet declared an implementation date. Further hearings will be scheduled to discuss implementation of this decision, as well as to consider further increases for both direct care workers, and classifications of other aged care workers. A summary of the Commission’s decision is available for you here.

All HSU members are invited to attend a special members meeting on Monday 7 November at 1pm & 6pm to discuss the impact of this decision.

Members can join online at via Zoom here or join by phone on (02) 8015 6011 and enter Meeting ID: 865 4482 3058

Please share this information with all your co-workers. If your colleagues are not yet HSU members, encourage them to join online at as we continue the campaign for better wages in aged care.