BREAKING: HSU takes RSL Lifecare to Fair Work Commission re roster changes, contracts

This afternoon, the Health Services Union has lodged a dispute in the Fair Work Commission about RSL Lifecare’s handling of roster and contract changes.

Over the last few weeks RSL Lifecare has rolled out its ‘roster realignment’ program across a number of facilities, with more to come.

HSU members have reported that their rights to refuse changes to their contracts, and to engage in proper consultation have been misrepresented. Members have felt distressed and confused by the information that has an hasn’t been provided by RSL Lifecare.

Every worker has the right to proper and meaningful consultation about changes, and to be provided with clear and accurate information about your rights. Your contract cannot be changed without your express agreement.

The HSU is calling on RSL Lifecare to:

  • Immediately halt the consultation process to ensure every worker’s rights are upheld
  • Issue new letters to impacted workers with clear and accurate representation of your rights
  • Pay workers who have had their contracted hours cut until such time as proper consultation takes place 

We now will wait for the Fair Work Commission to set a date and will report to members.

If you or your colleagues have signed a new contract but weren’t informed of your right to refuse, or have any questions about the process, email [E-Mail not displayed].

Finally, I know this has been a very stressful time for many. I hope that by taking this to the Fair Work Commission we can get a better outcome for members.