Calvary Cooinda: Workplace Bullying and Your Rights at Work

Members at Calvary Cooinda have recently raised concerns about workplace bullying and intimidation.

You should feel safe raising your concerns both internally and with your Union. Every staff member has the right to a fair and safe workplace, and everyone deserves to go to work without fear of bullying, discrimination, or harassment.

The Health Services Union has campaigned against bullying in any form and we will continue to fight for members who experience this in the workplace. If you think you have been subject to bullying or harassment or have witnessed these behaviours contact the HSU Member Services Division on 1300 478 679 or your Organiser Karen Wiles on 0408 164 519 or email [E-Mail not displayed]. Members are also encouraged to use the Workplace Incident Diary to record occasions of bullying.

Lastly, thank you for the incredible work you and your colleagues have been doing over the last 12 months in keeping the residents of Calvary Cooinda Retirement Centre safe. You deserve a pay rise and this year, together, HSU members are fighting for your work to be properly valued. For more information, go to our We’re Worth It campaign page.