Calvary Kogarah: Administration Support Services Realignment

The HSU met with members at Calvary Kogarah today to discuss feedback on the proposed realignment after information sessions conducted with staff.

The HSU raised several issues, including the responsibilities of the new Team Leader position that is being created. We want to hear from you if there are additional issues with the realignment/restructure that were not raised in today’s meeting.

For your reference, a copy of the realignment consultation paper is available at this link.

We understand a number of people weren’t given the chance to give feedback on the restructure and are worried about the changes being made to their roles or departments. If you have any feedback or concerns regarding the realignment, or if you didn’t get the chance to attend one of the meetings arranged to discuss the restructure, please send an email to [E-Mail not displayed]. The HSU will collate all feedback and provide this to Calvary Kogarah. Please also let us know if you weren’t approached for feedback so that we can raise this directly with management.

Non-members are encouraged to join the Union and provide feedback. When we stand together, our voices are stronger. New members can join online at or call 1300 478 679.