How would you feel about working 12-hour shifts?

IRT recently contacted the Health Services Union to discuss a possible solution to staffing shortages. IRT advised that a number of staff at Greenwell Gardens and Sarah Claydon had requested to trial 12-hour shifts so that they can work a little longer while on shift (which staff are already currently doing).

IRT have requested feedback from HSU members at Greenwell Gardens and Sarah Claydon on how they would feel about the option to progress to 12-hour shifts for a three month period.

Clause 21.4 of your IRT Enterprise Agreement allows for a pilot roster to trial “flexible roster practices”, including 12-hour shifts. You can see your agreement here:

Importantly, the clause says:

(a) The terms of the pilot roster shall be agreed in writing between IRT and the relevant Union, nominated employee representative, consultative team or Employees working in a particular Care Centre/Service. Provided that the Employees and any representative of the Employees shall not unreasonably refuse to agree to, or unreasonably delay in responding to a Pilot Roster Project proposed by IRT.

This means you have a say and agreement must be reached in writing.

HSU organiser Meri Bosevski has recently been out to both sites speaking to staff. To the credit of IRT staff, there was serious discussion on the pros and cons of working these shifts. However, overall the general consensus was that staff were already exhausted and were concerned that 12-hour shifts would be unsustainable.

To formalise the HSU position to IRT, members are asked to send your views about the proposed pilot to [E-Mail not displayed]. In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact your local HSU delegates, email [E-Mail not displayed], or call the HSU Member Services Division on 1300 478 679.