Calvary Mater Newcastle Update: Payroll changes and Kronos

Consultation has now begun regarding the proposed changes to payroll and the use of Kronos at Calvary Mater Newcastle.

HSU members are meeting with Calvary Newcastle management on Wednesday 6 December to raise members’ concerns regarding the proposal and hear Calvary’s responses.

The HSU has also written to Calvary highlighting a number of preliminary concerns, including:

  1. That proper consultation must occur with the HSU before any changes are made,
  2. That consent is required before taking members’ biometric data,
  3. The need for an alternative way to sign in,
  4. The issues with using a bundy clock system in a hospital with flexible work practices,
  5. Safety issues with employees that work both on and off site during the day not being reflected in the hospital attendance list,
  6. The impacts on managers’ workloads having to make multiple adjustments within the system, and
  7. Other issues.

We expect Calvary will address some of these concerns in the upcoming meeting. Calvary have also written to the HSU to say:

  1. Real time data is critical in terms of accountability in the event of an emergency and in respect to Work Health & Safety requirements,
  2. Real time data is critical in terms of compliance with respect to accurate payment of wages and penalties,
  3. Calvary will direct staff to comply with the sign on/sign off method within the Kronos clocking system,
  4. However, how the employee inputs the necessary data is optional and can be achieved through biometric scanning or by manually typing in their employee number on entry and exit before and at the end of their shift,
  5. Biometric scanning is not the same as a fingerprint,
  6. Calvary is unable to access any other records using this information or re-create fingerprints for any purpose, and
  7. Calvary treats matters relating to privacy seriously and will continue to meet its obligations under the Privacy Act.

A further update will be provided after Wednesday’s meeting. If you wish to get involved, contact your local organiser via email [E-Mail not displayed] and look out for future updates and meetings.

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