Canberra Hospital Food Services: Temporary relocation of lockers

  • Published March 9, 2023

Construction of the new Critical Services Building (CSB) includes a new logistics tunnel connection at level 1 to connect the CSB with Building 1, level 1. This will enable the transfer of food, linen, waste, equipment and other materials from Building 1 to the CSB Port, cleaning and dirty facility lifts for distribution to the service areas.

The new CSB logistics tunnel has been constructed and is ready to be connected to Building 1. Management has advised the connection point for the new tunnel will temporarily impact the location of a number of Food Services staff lockers.

For approximately 6 months, 25 lockers located within the male locker room will need to be moved while the construction work to connect the tunnel with Building 1 is undertaken. The lockers impacted are M12-M31, M45, M54, C, D and E, and these will be relocated 10 metres up the existing corridor into a room that is currently available. Management has advised they will continue to be easily accessible to those staff involved. Once tunnel connection works are complete, lockers will be moved back to their original location.

A refurbishment program for the Food Services staff amenities on Level 1 is being planned, which will provide a new staff break room, new male and female bathroom and change facilities, new kitchen storerooms and menu monitor room. A separate consultation process with the Food Services team will take place. 

If you have any concerns or feedback regarding these changes, please email [E-Mail not displayed] by close of business Wednesday 15 March using subject line Canberra Hospital Food Services Lockers.

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