Catholic Healthcare, the SOM at Brigidine House, and Your Rights

On 21 October 2021, Catholic Healthcare (CHC) wrote to the Health Services Union about its plans to restart their roster review relating to implementation of “Standard Operating Model (SOM)” at Brigidine House; CHC also told us that they held an “initial staff meeting” on the day and would hold “further review of the rosters and individual consultation” with their employees who may be impacted.

Even though CHC says there are not any major changes anticipated, according to clause A8 of your Enterprise Agreement, this alteration of hours of your work or the restructuring of jobs is a “major change” that may affect the majority of the workers and also the residents that you care about. Your employer must consult with you and your representative if the proposed roster means the changes to your regular roster of ordinary hours of work.

Roster changes can also create workload problems so it’s important for your employer to listen to you and to consider what works at your workplace – not just how it can fit a SOM.

Your local Organiser Hyojung Kim has attended an on-site union meeting on Monday 25 October and will visit you again on Thursday morning 28 October 2021 to quickly discuss our next steps.

If you are called to an individual consultation meeting, you are entitled to bring a HSU representative with you. Members who would like a representation should contact your local HSU Organiser Hyojung Kim via [E-Mail not displayed] or 0458 012 322.

In the meantime, members are encouraged to:

  • Not go to any meeting by yourself
  • Not sign anything until you’ve received advice
  • Ask questions, take information, find out as much as you can to stay informed
  • Talk with your colleagues about the changes and what likely impact they will have on workloads and resident care
  • Come to the union member meetings, online and off-line 

Over the coming weeks we will have to work closely as a team to make sure that you and your colleagues, and your collective rights are respected. We are always stronger when we stand together. Keep this important conversation about your rights at work going. Join your workmates so they can be supported throughout the SOM change. New members can join at or by calling 1300 478 679.