CCLHD: Community Mental Health Team Dispute

Earlier today, the HSU was contacted by members working in the Community Mental Health Team about changes due to be implemented on Monday 24 May 2021 without consultation. Members were concerned that these changes constituted a significant departure from the current Model of Care, including:

  • A new requirement that all staff carry a full caseload of 25 individual clients; and
  • A statement that psychologists on the team will no longer be able to offer psychological interventions.

Following this contact from members, the HSU notified a dispute to LHD management.

Management has now agreed that the proposed changes will not be implemented on Monday 24 May and that consultation with the HSU and its members will take place.

Well done to members in the Community Health Team for contacting the HSU about this issue. If you know someone who hasn’t yet joined the Union, encourage them to take the plunge today at or call 1300 478 679.