Southern IML Update

Underpayment for Part Timers

Today (21 May), the HSU has requested payroll records on behalf of its members affected by historical underpayment of overtime at Southern IML. If Southern IML does not comply, the HSU will seek to obtain these documents through legal process.

As you may know, Southern IML have hired law firm Gilbert and Tobin to represent them. Obtaining these records is the first step in building a case to tackle Southern IML’s lawyers head on. The HSU will need to prove that each member is owed money and subsequently prosecute this in the federal court. This will be a long fight. Unfortunately, Southern IML have chosen to prolong the process rather than simply admit the mistake and pay what they owe.

HSR Work Group Negotiations 

Last week, Southern IML finally began legitimate negotiations with your HSU representatives regarding Work Groups to elect Health and Safety Representatives. Both parties are working constructively and have made concessions. The HSU is insisting that both workgroups covering collectors (north and south) have at least two HSRs to ensure adequate representation. Your HSU organiser hopes to provide a finalised structure to members for endorsement by the end of next week.

It’s time to start fighting for a better deal at Southern IML

The majority of Collectors and Couriers are now HSU members - a remarkable feat considering that just 12 months ago, Southern IML had never heard of a union. In the last year members have fought for better rostering and safer workplaces. But now it’s time to go one step further and start fighting for higher wages, better conditions and respect at work. With HSR negotiations coming to a close, the HSU will be shifting gears and beginning to focus on securing a union agreement at Southern IML.

Got a colleague who’s on the fence about joining the HSU? Now is the time to ask them to join. Only union members will be able to have their say on what their agreement looks like. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.