CCLHD Pharmacy Department Dispute update

Recently the HSU was forced to seek the assistance of the Industrial Relations Commission following the breakdown of discussions concerning the proposed Pharmacy restructure.

The matter was listed for a conciliation conference and these are a few of the points from that conference.

  1. The Commission has directed the Employer to provide further information and reasonable consultation with respect to the proposed Winter after hours service
  2. The Commission also took on board the views of HSU members about the non-allocation of tasks and roles to positions and the non-allocation of positions to locations within Pharmacy. A commitment has been given by management to have these areas clarified within two weeks and provided to the HSU.
  3. The Commission expressed concerns around the impact staffing cuts may have on professional standards and responsibilities and has given management two weeks to satisfy the HSU that these standards and responsibilities can be maintained in accordance with Pharmacy Board guidelines and SHPA Clinical Practice Standards.
  4. The Commission also expressed concern with the benchmarking, which on face value appears to be based on a comparison of apples and oranges and has requested that the benchmarking document be provided to the HSU (with redactions where there may be areas of confidentiality).

A further conciliation conference has been scheduled for Monday 8th May at 11am.

For any further information, contact Organiser Gwenny Asimus on [E-Mail not displayed] or 0448 856 024.