HealthShare PTS: Outcome of IRC conciliation re bans

After months of saying they’re going to take HSU PTO members to the Commission for their patient advocacy, HealthShare finally filed in the IRC to have the current no ‘red’ jobs after ‘green’ jobs industrial action lifted – which would potentially mean vulnerable patients could be transported directly after infectious COVID patients.

HealthShare was only seeking ‘Recommendations’ at this stage. The matter was conciliated this morning, and HealthShare heard loud and clear that if they’re not going to advocate for their patients’ wellbeing, HSU members will.

On the basis that patient safety (as opposed to worker safety) is outside the scope of consideration of the Industrial Commission, the Commissioner recommended that the HSU and its members lift any ban on PTS members from undertaking ‘green’ transfers of patients after completing a ‘red’ transfer within the previous 24 hours.

HSU members’ long-standing position is maintained – the concerns regarding safety and infection risk are real and justified. The health and safety of patients and the community is of paramount importance and the risk of listing the ban far outweighs any efficiency benefit that may be achieved.

HSU PTO delegates plan to hold a meeting later in the week to discuss the outcome of the conciliation and the way forward, so keep an eye out for the meeting invite.

There will be a report back in the IRC on 8 May @ 1200.

Keep up the great fight.