Changes at Regis Hurstville

HSU members at Regis Hurstville have expressed concern about the new duties list and position descriptions.

On 7 September Regis advised of the launch of ‘Continuity of Care’ but did not include any information about additional duties for care workers.

Your local Organiser attended the staff meeting held on 12 October 2023 and requested clarification on the following items by 24 October:

  1. Timeline for an ‘adapted’ position description for AIN/PCA
    Management confirmed during the meeting that the duty lists and position descriptions are ‘generic’ and an ‘adapted’ version would be supplied after the consultation. They also confirmed that there wouldn’t be any additional duties for care workers but the ‘servery’ duties.
    Management was reminded that lack of clarity is considered a psychosocial hazard at work, according to the relevant Code of Practice. This is when you are not clear on the job, responsibilities, or what is expected because you are not given the right information.
  2. Additional staff
    Management confirmed at the meeting they are in the process of recruiting more staff, who will be rostered from 23 October. This has been requested in writing.
  3. Further discussion about workload management as a result of the change
    According to your Enterprise Agreement, “workload management should be an agenda item at staff meetings on at least a quarterly basis” and the discussion should be minuted, according to clause 44.3 of the Regis NSW Enterprise Agreement.
    Your HSU Organiser has requested to attend future staff meetings where workload is discussed as a result of this change.

Any questions? Contact your HSU Organiser Hyojung Kim on 0458 012 322 or [E-Mail not displayed].

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