Cranbrook Bargaining Kicking Off Again

Last week, Health Services Union representatives met with Cranbrook Care to restart negotiations for your new enterprise agreement.

Formal negotiations were suspended in July last year because of the pandemic. Instead, Cranbrook paid staff a 2% wage increase at that time.

Now that we are back at the bargaining table, we need to review our bargaining claims and to add anything that should be included in your new agreement. All HSU members are invited to fill out our bargaining survey and have your say.

The HSU is calling for a real wage increase for all aged care workers and we’ll be campaign for better pay in this enterprise agreement.

Last year, HSU members launched a historic Work Value Case with the Fair Work Commission, calling for a 25% increase to the Aged Care Award. It’s time for all aged care workers to be properly valued for the vital work you do every day.

We will also be calling for increased staffing levels to ensure the best resident care and improvements to conditions bring your enterprise agreement into line with the current Aged Care Award.

If you’d like to be part of the bargaining process, please contact [E-Mail not displayed] and if your colleagues are not yet HSU members, encourage them to join online at today. We need to be active and united to get a good deal for everyone.

We’ll keep HSU members up to date as negotiations progress.