Demand a fair pay rise

Your union has reached out to the Government time and time again about pay rises for health workers this year. They have failed to respond. We have waited too long. The Government needs to commit to substantial pay rises now.

Every day health workers are told they are pandemic heroes. But the Government is has failed to commit to a real pay rise.

Heath workers cannot trust this government to deliver a substantial pay rise. Over the last two years health workers have received 2.34% in pay rises. The cost of living went up by 4.5%. The reality is, health workers have experienced a pay cut over the last two years.

Now is the time to hold the Government accountable. There is only one way to make change. Take action. Please respond to this one-question survey about whether you would be willing to take action to stand up for a fair pay rise.

If this Government doesn’t have the budget to give healthcare workers a fair pay rise, it’s because they are spending over $1.1 billion on sports stadiums. They need to get their priorities right and value health workers.