Meredith House Closure: Redundancy, Personal Leave and Overtime

As the closure of Meredith House on April 24 approaches, we understand it is a very anxious time for staff who have many questions about your rights during the workplace closure.

Your organiser, Emmett Gray, has written to Meredith House management with a series of questions from members and has given them until this Friday to respond.

In the meantime, it is important to inform members of their rights during this process:

  • Redundancy: If your job is made redundant due to the closure, you are entitled to a redundancy payment if you are an employee other than casual. However, you will forgo your right to redundancy if you resign from Meredith House before its closure.
  • Sick Leave: Staff are still entitled to take their personal leave if they are unwell, as per the National Employment Standards. There are requirements regarding sick leave, such as providing a medical certificate as proof, which can be found below on page 33 of the Meredith House EBA:
    Meredith House Aged Care, NSWNMA, ANMF NSW Branch and HSU New South Wales Branch Enterprise Agreement 2017 (
  • Overtime: Despite the approaching closure, all staff are still entitled to overtime once they have worked the appropriate hours as per the Meredith House EBA.

Please have a read through your EBA. If you have trouble understanding your agreement or your payslip, please get in contact. Leading up to the closure, if you are concerned you haven’t been paid correctly or you have been underpaid, please contact your organiser Emmett Gray on 0499 919 355 or at [E-Mail not displayed].