Do you have a question about vaccination?

HSU Vaccination Panel this Thursday night. You can register here

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a whirlwind of conflicting information about the disease and vaccinations.

I have spoken with members who feel bombarded, confused, and with the current push for mandatory vaccinations, now feel stressed. They feel that their questions aren’t being answered.

This is extremely concerning. You and your colleagues have been on the front line for over 18 months – this is a time when you should feel supported. Instead, I feel members are being let down.

This is not good enough. In response I have reached out to number of people working across health and community services to see if they would be willing to talk about vaccinations and their experiences. They have all volunteered their time to answer your questions from their own perspectives:

  • Dr Anthony Llewellyn (HOST) – Psychiatrist
  • Tess Oxley – NSW Paramedic
  • Jamila Gherjestani – HSU Deputy Manager Industrial
  • Dr Scott Winch – World Vision Senior Policy Advisor
  • Dr Lee Fong – General Practitioner
  • Dr Pradeep Rajagopalan – Epidemiologist (United Kingdom)

When: 6:30pm this Thursday 26 August
Where: Zoom WEBINAR Panel
How: Register yourself and your questions here:

As there are limited spaces, please make sure to register and include your questions. If you aren’t able to attend, we will be recording the panel so members can have access.

I hope that members will find this helpful – and that many of you can attend. If you have any urgent questions, please contact the HSU Member Services Division on 1300 478 679 or email [E-Mail not displayed].