DOMs Still Fighting Inadequate Frontline Leadership Model

  • Published January 17, 2024
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Dear Member,


As NSW Ambulance continues to expand, so does the stress and workload placed on DOMs. This new year will likely see the finalisation of pending restructures, including the Frontline Leadership Model (FLM), intended to improve workload and issues with extraneous duties.


Throughout consultation on FLM, the Service promised many things, including:  


  • Pilots across the State within the bounds of consultation;
  • Genuine consultation with the paramedic workforce;
  • A ‘co-designed’ model, where paramedics and frontline leadership can have a say in a new structure.


Now, the Service is apparently intending to wrap up the ‘consultation process’ without delivering on any of these promises. At every stage during NSWA’s consultation with DOMs, ADHSU members have clearly stated the FLM in its current proposed form will not improve workload or service delivery. This is true for both metro and regional areas. The new system will also disconnect DOMs (or Group Managers) from the wider paramedic workforce.  


This is not to mention the fact that FLM has not been future-proofed. Without proper paramedic-to-manager ratios, this Model risks becoming outdated almost as soon as it is implemented with further staffing enhancements likely. All this is happening in an environment in which DOMs are constantly asked to do more, not less, including public facing jobs outside of their core duties.


ADHSU DOMs have been carrying out bans to promote a fair and sustainable workload for the state-wide DOM group. These bans continue in full force and include: 


  • Timesheets - we are removing veritas holds and approving all leave forms and timesheets unchecked.
  • Ambulance Delays - No involvement in the escalation or management of delays.
  • Fleet Management. Refer to the Zone Manager.
  • Management of Operational KPIs.
  • PDPs and participation in other professional development programs (360, Capable Leader, Elevate).


DOMs are also reminded to claim all their entitlements. This includes every single missed crib, crib away, and call out that arises through the course of your work.


So far, NSWA has stubbornly stuck by their woefully inadequate proposal. The workforce deserves a leadership model that reduces workload for frontline managers and increases access of frontline managers to paramedics. And that is what ADHSU members will fight for.  


Once the Service hands down their final structure for FLM, ADHSU members will caucus to discuss the Model and any action that needs to be taken. Keep an eye out for further communications.