Holy Family Services: Your Enterprise Agreement is going out to vote

Soon your employer will ask all Holy Family Services staff to vote on a new Enterprise Agreement.

Your Enterprise Agreement sets out your wages and conditions at work, so it’s important everyone understands how the Agreement will affect them and has a say in the vote.

The Enterprise Agreement will only be accepted if a majority of people who cast a vote, vote ‘yes’ – so it’s up to you to decide if this agreement is good enough.

Holy Family Services have not agreed to all our claims, but some major changes include:

  • A percentage increase in wages of 6.75% over 3 years
  • Improved protections for part-time aged care employees, ensuring that there will be written agreement on the guaranteed minimum number of hours to be worked, the days of the week and shifts that will be worked and the starting and finishing times each day, prior to commencing employment.
  • Parental Leave – 6 weeks top up pay for the primary carer and 2 weeks top up for the secondary carer
  • Medication Allowance to include Personal Carers who are required to administer medication

Next steps

Before voting opens, your employer must share a copy of the proposed Agreement with you and provide details on all the proposed changes.

Please review this information carefully. If you have any questions, contact the HSU.

You can find a copy of the proposed Enterprise Agreement here.

The new Agreement can only be accepted if a majority of staff who vote, vote “yes”.

If you don’t like what is being offered and want to keep negotiating, you are encouraged to vote “no”.

If you have any questions about the proposed Enterprise Agreement, please contact the HSU via [E-Mail not displayed] for assistance.