Failure to consult at Emmaus

Last Friday your HSU organiser, Karen Wiles, wrote to management regarding members’ concerns about proposed roster changes and the consultation process to date. Emmaus has now been notified that due to the lack of genuine consultation, there is now a dispute between the HSU and Emmaus because a failure to consult is a breach of your Employment Agreement.

Since becoming aware of the proposed changes, the HSU has on three separate occasions asked to be provided with a risk assessment detailing how the proposed workplace changes will be safe for residents, visitors, and staff. To date, management have failed to provide this document.

The HSU has also asked for a committee comprising of three HSU members,  representatives from management, and your HSU Organiser to be convened to engage in meaningful and genuine consultation.

If you would like to be a part of this committee, please contact Karen on 0408 164 519.

Thank you for your vigilance in ensuring that Emmaus is safe workplace for staff and a safe home for residents.