Fairfield Hospital COVID-19 Situation

The HSU has been advised by your employer that due to positive COVID-19 cases at Fairfield Hospital, a significant number of staff have been directed to isolate for 14 days.

After a thorough negotiation with the HSU, management have agreed to fill the resulting gap firstly by offering overtime and additional hours to any cleaner within SWSLHD who wishes to work at Fairfield Hospital, and secondly through the utilisation of contract cleaners over Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th July.

The HSU does not agree with the use of contract labour in hospitals and fought to make sure the facility to use such was limited, as a last resort and only as a result of the extreme public health situation.

While there has also been a further need to redeploy sterilisation staff to additional duties, the careful negotiations between the HSU and management has meant there has been no need to seek any contract staff in this instance.

The HSU strongly opposes the use of contract staff in public health and will continue to ensure that our members’ jobs and safety are protected.

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